Guitar pedals

Sniffing flux is fun. Sound is fun. Designing cases is fun. There are times I build guitar effects. For other people and myself. Little colourful boxes that make noise or stuff louder. Love it!

Guitar tech

Since guitars and other instruments are a big passion, the choice to help out Gifter as a guitar tech and allround tech was easy to make. Keeping their guitars in the best condition possible and making the changeovers more efficient is a fun and rewarding task.


This year I’ll work at 1Ander Festival in Schijndel and Eurosjopper Festival in Lierop (south of the Netherlands). I’ve previously worked and volunteered (also as stagehand) at Paaspop (Schijndel), Next Best Band Series (the Netherlands), Speedfest (Eindhoven), Distortion Fest (Eindhoven), Dutch Chili Fest among others.