Audio Engineer / Producer

Black Cat Studio is a little but functional mixing space with a nice pair of monitors and a lot of instruments in a circle. While the mixing part happens in this room the recording part is mostly done on location. For recording a 16 channel interface is used with ProTools 12 or Logic Pro X. For mastering iZotope Ozone 7 is the tool for the job.


His parents being music lovers Rik (1986) started playing bass guitar at age 15 and discovered that making music is one of the
best things in the world. Years later he acquired a usb microphone and after a while started a YouTube duo with Eline van Hooff. Back to school it was and Sound Education Nederland was the weapon of choice. Rik graduated cum laude in 2017.

As a bassist in the past he took part in Hemaroids (punk), Verona Beach (metalcore), Strike in Time (hardcore) and Seven Days Remain (metal). In Ellow (kleinkunst) he played (upright) bass, guitar, organ, synth, percussion, ukulele, melodica and much more.. Nowadays he works on an album for a new band formed with Eline, works as a guitar tech for the band Gifter/Paperday, writes stock music once a week and sometimes produces songs for singer-songwriters like Chris Jones (UK) and Sonja Felicia (NL).