From when I was young I’ve been really into the energy of songs but did not know what it was then. A ‘few’ years later, and a lot of music makin’, songwritin’ and recordin’ later, suddenly it all made sense. Finding the right vibe that the song needs and working out a way to keep the listener engaged till the end. Together with the recording artist we work out a vision and make sure we capture it. Most of the time Eline van Hooff joins the show. With her sharp vision, ultra coffee drinking skills and her perfect background vocals your project will be something amazing. Being a multi instrumentalist myself, and Eline as well, we are able to create a full production from scratch. Things I like to do are: recording, mixing and producing songs. Just so you know…

Most of my studio is in the box since it’s easy these days to record on site like in a rehearsal room or venue. For mixing I have designed my room so it doesn’t hide any mistakes and sounds awesome. This is the perfect place to mix, record or just listen to music.

I currently work with ProTools 12 and Logic Pro for mixing or  iZotope Ozone for mastering.

For recording i use a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 with an Ocropre MKII ADAT extention so it’s good for 16 channels. All this fits in one flightcase with a stagebox backplate for easy (live) recording use.